The “Social Sciences for Global Challenges” Winter School is an intensive training course for professionals, experts, Master’s Degree and PhD Students. The five-day programme is designed to provide meaningful insights in order to understand the causes, the nature and the developments of political, economic, demographic, healthcare and climate challenges.

Participants will have the possibility to experience different scenarios first-hand, thanks to innovative teaching tools such as role playing games, simulations and debates.

The intensive course provides participants with the tools and knowledge to let them give their contribution to the operational excellence of national and international organizations, public administrations and tertiary sector realities, with particular reference to global challenges related topics, such as climate change, biodiversity, health, inequalities, population aging and natural disasters.

The Winter School will admit up to 40 participants, 10 of which will be selected among Master’s Degree and PhD Students.


For offline participants, the participation fee is set at 350€, covering lunches, breaks, teaching material and an entertainment program which includes a guided visit of the city of Pavia and of the University museums.
For online participants, the participation fee is set at 250€.
For students or PhD students, participation is free.

The Winter School will be held at Collegio Ghislieri’s Palace in Pavia


✔︎ November 27, 2023 – Applications Open
✔︎ February 10, 2024 – Applications Close
✔︎ February 14, 2024 – Admission Confirmation

You can register by pressing the “Apply” button below.

NOTE: To complete your application, you will also be requested to send a digital copy of your Curriculum Vitae and a Motivational Letter to the following email:

Keynote Speakers

The list will be updated as soon as other invited speakers will confirm their presence

Dottor Fabio Rugge,
Ministro Consigliere, Rappresentanza permanente NATO, Bruxelles

Professor Romano Marabelli,
Consigliere e Sostituto del Direttore Generale dell’Organizzazione Mondiale per la Salute Animale (WOAH), Parigi

Ambasciatore Luca Sabbatucci,
Rappresentante permanente presso le Organizzazioni Internazionali a Parigi

Dottor Andrea Dionisi,
Responsabile degli Accordi della Commissione Europea con i Paesi Terzi in materia Veterinaria e Alimentare presso la Direzione Generale Santé della Commissione Europea, Bruxelles

Dottor Michele Cecchini,
OECD, Public Health Division

Dottor Maurizio Bona,
Già Consigliere del Direttore Generale, CERN, Ginevra

Dottor Alberto Vitalini,

Dottor Filippo Iarrera,
Fund Portfolio Manager, Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tubercolosis and Malaria

Dottor Fabrizio Lobasso,
Direttore per l’internazionalizzazione economica, DGSP, Ministero per gli Affari Esteri e la Cooperazione Internazionale

Dottor Filippo Uberti,
Head of Health, ENI

Dottoressa Vittoria Porta,
Ethox Centre, University of Oxford


The Collegio Ghislieri offers rooms for guesthouse service, which are not included in the Admission Fees and can be booked by contacting the following email:

For all details about accommodations in Pavia, please visit the following website:

General Chair:
Prof. Arianna Arisi Rota
Prof. Alessandro Venturi

Scientific Committee:
Prof. Ian Carter
Prof. Silvia Figini
Prof. Marco Gardini
Prof. Simone Gerzeli
Prof. Flavio Ceravolo
Prof. Andrea Zatti

Organizing Committee:
Jeremias Martin Mazzaro
Luca Morgantino
Giuseppe Orlando

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